Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kara's Back!

Believe it or not, there are a grand total of two K-pop groups I follow: Girls' Generation aka SNSD aka Shoujo Jidai aka this group has too many names and also Kara. I found out about Shoujo Jidai and Kara from their activities in Japan just when the Hallyu wave was building up. Unlike the billions of other K-pop artists that debuted, these two groups stuck out to me mostly because they debuted in Japan slightly before everyone else. Kara particularly stuck out to me because Shoujo Jidai (at the time), they released original Japanese singles different from the rehashed Korean songs of other artists wanting to break into Japan. They also seem to speak pretty decent Japanese (at least to a foreigner like me) and the public must like them! They're selling incredibly well right now, much better than they were in South Korea. Jet Coaster Love hit #1 on the Oricon and Super Girl is still on the charts (what are the sales now? 600k?) so naturally I'd assumed they'd continue their activities in Japan while they're still relevant. But they decided to take a break from Japan and head back to their home country to produce more K-pop. I didn't really follow this but there was one Korean single I enjoyed... I think it was called Step but I'm not sure. Shoujo Jidai also followed suit and released The Boys and the bland English version so for the past few months I haven't really been paying attention to these groups.

But it appear's Kara's back in Japan to release another single! Yay! I wasn't really impressed by Winter Magic (it was pretty but somewhat bland) and rather unfazed by the release of Super Girl so I'm excited to see what the group's going to do next! Their next Japanese single is a double A-side called Speed Up/Girl's Power. I think the titles alone have a lot of possibility  To me, Speed Up sounds very energetic and fast paced, like Go Go Summer! and Girl's Power sounds more sweet and cutesy, like Jet Coaster Love. For now I can only speculate but I'm just happy to see they're back in Japan! I think their music does better there than South Korea so I hope they'll keep focusing their activities in Japan. And maybe Shoujo Jidai will return to! And maybe their next Japanese single will be an original song; I loved Mr. Taxi so something like that would be great!

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