Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday A-chan!

Today, a young woman named Nishiwaki Ayaka celebrates her 23rd birthday. Fans over Japan know her more commonly as A-chan of Perfume. Considered the unofficial leader of the group, A-chan is known for being emotional and the "heart" of Perfume. To me, Perfume wouldn't be Perfume without A-chan. She brings so much to the group and she's stuck with it all these years with such passion and joy. She has an amazing voice and wonderful dance skills and such a sweet personality. I hope A-chan has a joyful 23rd birthday and does something fun! Wow... sometimes I forget that A-chan isn't her real name. So happy birthday, Nishiwaki Ayaka. Now on to the birthday pic spam!

Happy birthday, A-chan!!

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