Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Am I Not Surprised?

I should have known nothing good would come from school starting back up. But really all I expected was a bit of classwork and the announcement of my impending exams... But before I left at 6:30 I decided to lurk around Arama to see if there was any news regarding the groups I stalk enjoy. Unfortunately, it wasn't the kind of news I enjoy...

By now, I think a majority of the H!P fans know that Gaki's announced her graduate at an H!P conert recently. When I first read the news, my first thought was "Okay?" Honestly, I was surprised at how casually I took this graduation. Maybe it's because I didn't start getting into MM (and Gaki) until this year but with the S/mileage graduations and even Ai's I felt a lot more shocked and/or sad. But for some reason, I felt like this is the time for her to graduate. She also mentioned she wanted to graduate alongside Ai (which would have been awesome) but UFA made her wait; perhaps that's why I'm so chill about this. Another thing that makes me accept the fact she's leaving is her age: honestly, I'm almost a decade younger than her and I'd jump ship too if I was forced to wear this:

Her face practially screams "Graduate me!!!" And if I were her, I'd want to graduate too. Her best friend is gone, she's surrounded by children, and the 6th Gen. is more popular thna she is. There is nearly nothing left for her in Momosu, other than her love of the group. I will say Gaki's not my favorite member. To me she's the redheaded stepchild of Momosu whilest Ai was the gorgeous, dimple faced child prodigy. Did I root for her to be more promoted in the group and finally break out of Ai's shadow? Yeah, but to me she was just that other 5th Gen. girl who sometimes got really cool lines that made sucky songs sound good if only for a moment. Which seems odd for someone like me, because her voice is on par with Ai's and she has a lot of personality and devotion of the group, things I love seeing in an idol. But to me... Gaki's just there. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy her much more than Baggage-chan because she actually adds something to the group but when this graduation was announced I just didn't feel it.

However, I think the thing Momosu is going to have the hardest problem dealing with is vocals. Gaki's hands-down the best vocalist in MM right now so how are they going to make up without that? Either they'll

A: Give the members with personality and vocal potential voice lessons... Zukki. Eripon. Haruka.
B: Not do that because that costs money and time and just push the girls with the personalities of my fingernail clipper... Riho. Ayumi.

I'd pick B, knowing how UFA rolls. As for leadership, I'm actually looking forward to Sayu being leader of Momosu; she's got the personality and the connection with the new members and doesn't seem so... watered down by younger girls. In fact, she gets along with them quite well, along with Reina. However, I do hope she goes out on a nice single and not the bile that is PyokoPyoko Ultra.

This is a little off subject but once Gaki leaves the position of leadership of Hello! Project is open again. And because it goes to the member in H!P with the most seniority guess who?

Awesome as that is, do you know what this means?

The Hello! Project Kids have the most seniority in H!P now.

And honestly, that makes me kind of nervous. I said before in my Hopes and Dreams for 2012 I didn't want Berryz Koubou to graduate and although it seemed irrational then I wonder about now. Remember, after this year, the H!P Kids have been around for ten years now. True, they didn't form their respective groups until 2004 and 2006 but that's a long time to be hanging around H!P, almost as long as Ai and Gaki hung around. Since some of the members are still under the age of 20 (and Saki's right at it) I still think that age-wise they don't have to worry about graduation but what about saleswise? Each group's sales haven't been exactly stellar (especially Berryz) so how does UFA see this? Are they going to do some more crazy shit like Mobekimasu or pull the plug? Honestly, I don't know right now but I am happy for Saki!

...On a side note, if the Berryz just happen to graduate and Maimi just happens to graduate to devote her time to owning fifty cats do you know who would be leader of H!P!?

All right, I'm getting a little irrational... back on subject! Although I know that the loss of Gaki is a huge blow on MM vocally I feel like it's a good time for her. So I wish the best of luck to her, Momosu, and Hello! Project!

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