Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wasamin's Snowy Debut

I know I really didn't cover the solo debut of Mayu the Fantastic Creeper's minion Iwasa Misaki but that was mostly because I was occupied with other solo debuts/PV reviews from other singers and groups. Also, I'm not really into enka and considering she was debuting as an enka singer I had pretty much decided to pass this one over. It didn't help that Wasamin was also part of the most adorably cacophonic unit in AKB too. But because I'm finally done with exams and overwhelmed with spare time, I decided to give it a listen! And personally, I was blown away. I seriously did not know Wasamin had such a good voice; I expected it be pretty decent in idol-standards but it went beyond that! And then I started to wonder why the hell they didn't show her more in AKB and then I started wondering what other underpromoted vocalists are in the group! But I'm still happy that Wasamin's getting to do what she loves; I'd known how much she wanted to sing enka and I'm glad Aki-P's decided to let her go in that direction. Who knows? Maybe he'll start fulfilling the other hopes and dreams the less popular members of AKB have!! Heh heh... or not.

Anyways, the song is beautiful. I wouldn't say it's totally enka mainly because of the electic guitar (which I wish they'd cut out) but it's definitely straying away from the typical solo debuts we've had so far. I think what really carries this song is Wasamin's vocals. From what I know, enka's not the easiest genre to sing and for someone so young, Wasamin really pulls the song along. Her voice has this commanding force to it that almost demands for you to listen to it. In laymen's terms: her voice is awesome and tops Mayuyu's by default. Just saying. The funny thing is, when I look back at her in Warota 7 songs, she doesn't really sound as good as she does here. Saving the best for her debut, perhaps? Aside from Wasamin's mind-blowing vocals, the song is very nice with a calming instrumental (minus the random guitar) and a very lovely chorus. I even found myself humming Mujin Eki... in class one day! But overall, I still think the most defining trait of the song is Wasamin's voice that should be featured more in AKB. Or in more solo songs! I really want her to release more now!

I'd seen the PV preview but then the full PV was released! And now that I've heard the full song, let's take a look at the snowy PV!

The PV takes place on a snowy, cloudy day in the mountains and it's a very nice area.

I really love the colors Wasamin's wearing because they contrast so well with the muted background.

And I want that orange umbrella. It will be mine.

I can't emphasize how amazing Wasamin's voice is in this song.

Pretty as this is, I can't help but think she's gotta be freezing in that kimono.

Maybe that magical kimono robe is keeping her warm...

Have I mentioned how much I love this atmosphere? It's so muted and calm and really matches nicely with the song.

So pretty.

Still waiting for that train, Wasamin?

Yay!! She finally got on that train!

Another very pretty shot; you can't see them in this picture but Wasamin's facials are nice.

I liked the way this one panned out from darkness into light snow. Symbolism perhaps? Or maybe I'm overthinking it...

The setting really dwarfs Wasamin but I think that was intentional.

The umbrella really sticks out in this shot! More than Wasamin...

Wasamin! I thought you made it to the train!

Why isn't she featured more in Warota 7!?

Don't worry Wasamin! One day that train will get there!

And the PV ends the way it began! Pretty and snowy!

Overall, the PV is very tastefully shot. It has some very pretty backdrops, the colors provide great contrasts, and Wasamin looks and sounds very elegant! But there isn't a lot going on. I don't know a great deal about how enka PVs are shot but as pretty as this is, there really isn't much to it. Sure, Wasamin's pretty along with her voice and the scenery is nice but overall, it's a pretty dull PV. To be fair, this might just be the way most enka PVs are made but I still really don't know because I'm somewhat lacking in enka knowledge. This is probably going to be one of those PVs I just pull up in one tab and listen to the audio whilst doing something else in another tab. Then again, at least it matches the song and it's not cheap-looking. So if you're looking for a grand, elaborate PV showcasing a conflicting and symbolic storyline... you're probably not going to find this here. But overall, it's a pretty strong debut song from an amazing vocalist of AKB and I would highly recommend checking it out! And I wish the best of luck to Wasamin and hope her debut single does well!

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