Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sashihara Rino to Make a Solo Debut!

What is this? Debut #5? I get it with Mayu the Fantastic Creeper and her minion Wasamin probably has connections thanks to Mayu's creeper smile but Sasshi? I guess if I squint I can understand why they'd debut her considering her increasing push popularity and her being in a group with Yuko but then again... why not just debut Yuko? Sure her voice isn't spectacular but she makes up for that with a very fun, goofy personality and bunch of energy and charm (which will hopefully win her 1st in Senbatsu again...). Sasshi... her voice is decent. By idol standards it's no worse than a lot of the other girls in the 48 groups. And she seems like she has a lot of personality and while she isn't one of my favorite singers, I've heard she's got a pretty big fanbase. But I still woner how well she's going to do? Will she triumph or will she crash and burn worse than Mano Erina's singles sales? Because I think with her debut and Mayuyu's, Aki-P will determine whether or not he wants more Senbatsu members to go solo or if it's just a waste of time and money.

On the subject of debuting more members, I'm not sure if I want that. A lot of the vocally talented ones usually lack in either popularity of personality but the popular members usually sound... meh. Except for Takamina. In fact, if Aki-P is going to debut I want Takamina next!!! I'll settle for Yukirin but Takamina. She's the best voice in AKB, she's essentially captain of the group, she rocks a ponytail, she's adorable and funny, and DO IT. As you can tell, she's one of my many biases. Sasshi... not so much. In fact, I'm looking forward more to Mayuyu's debut even if she scares me and I don't think she can sing. But if, Aki-P's going to debut Sasshi, I will try my best so support her as a foreign fan and keep track of how that's going!

As for now, I wish Sasshi the best of luck and not to get intimdated by Mayuyu's debut single coming up or her creeper smile!

I should probably say now I don't hate Mayuyu and she's one of my favorite members but I love to make fun of her.

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