Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Quack. Quack. Ack.

Warning: This a very spiteful review. Ranting and raging may not be suitable for all MM fans...

I've been putting off writing about this.

Partially because I've been studying for exams and also because the full PV/radio rip hasn't been released. Until now, that is. And since we've finally heard the full PV and song...
I don't like it.

There. I said it. In fact, I can barely even stand listening to it. I've tried to pique my interest but to me this song is like cauliflower. Every time I try it, I still don't like it. Even now, I wish I could even remote like it just so this wouldn't be so hard to write but I just... don't. I should probably elaborate. One of the main elements about this song that bothers me is just how half-assed it sounds. I can tell Tsunku wanted to write a cuter, more youthful sounding song for the new members but the attempt doesn't even go halfway. Of course, I will say what Tsunku lacks in effort on his part the girls try to make up for but even they can't save this mess of a song. I wouldn't be so disappointed if I didn't know he could pull off happy songs so much better. Look at The Peace!, Happy Summer Wedding, Koko ni Iruzee!, Souda! We're Alive, Mr. Moonlight, etc. Then again those songs were written a long time ago so maybe he's just out of ideas? Even so, Maji Desu ka Ska! was fun and genki and balanced out the mature members with the younger members; even though that song doesn't jazz me I can still acknowledge how well that single was pulled off. But if I were the 10 Gen., I'd hate to come in on such a lazy song that not even Minimoni would touch.

Speaking of the members, the vocals are very meh for me. The good news is they match the song perfectly! The bad news is I enjoy them just about as much as I enjoy the song. Special points go out to Riho for still sounding completely bored and off-key along with Reina. Gaki sounds nice but very out of place and I still can't distiguish the 10th Gen. voices (I think Haruka's self-proclaimed "husky" voice got lost in the studio recording). I will say the one vocalist I think sounded amazing was Mizuki. I was actually rather surpised she even got a line since I though she was doomed to the same fates as Zukki and Eripon (who didn't get a single line. Really, UFA?). But I think she sounds wonderful; she has a great combination of cute and pretty in her voice and I can't say that for the everyone elese. Unfortunately, her lines and screen time are still limited and we're instead treated to Riho, bored at the top, Reina, flauting her spot at the top, Gaki, waiting to graduate and forever second, and Sayu, realizing she's dressed like fowl. And poor Aika. I don't really like her as a member but at least she's getting solos now. Too bad she still can't dance and has to be awkwardly shoved into the PV. Those costumes don't help either; Gaki's 25 and in every shot of the PV she looks miserable.

Even in the PV, they all look like they're trying so very hard to be happy and match the song but the attempt comes off as forced. In fact, this whole concept sounds forced. The older members especially sound like they don't enjoy singing this song.

And I know people are saying "Well duh! They have to go in a younger direction! They've got young members!" Actually... I think they could pull off something less childish. But maybe Tsunku thinks differently; I don't know. Here's how I put it in perspective. If Tokyo Girls' Style can pull off this:

For the record, they're both 14 years old.
Then I'm pretty sure you can dabble in something a little less childish. When I say that, I don't mean they have to be making out and going back into Emomosu but I'm worried they're going to conform to this childish style that works to poorly for over half the members. I guess what I'm trying to say is, you can do certain style but just do them right. In others words, no half-efforts, not poor gimmicks, but something that you can throw yourself into and pull yourself back out knowing you've done something great. And for this song, I don't think that happened. I really do think MM is in a rut; and like Perfume, I really want them to get out of it.

Well, you've heard me rage about the song. How does the PV hold up? Well...

The set is cute. Albeit, very cheap and the members look fantastically awkward but it's kinda cute.

However, when C-ute used it, the members actually matched with the cuteness.

Cheap effect is cheap. What else did I expect?

I still can't get over the fact that Haruna's older than me and wearing a chicken suit. Does not compute O.O

I thought Masaki was Haruka at first...

As usual, Riwhore looks both bored and somewhat miserable. Naturally, she takes up most of the PV.

Poor Gaki. This smile looks forced.

Despite it's cheapness, the concept looks interesting.

The more I look at Mizuki, the more I realize she and Eripon are the saving graces of this PV.

Hi Riho #2! Seriously, they even have the same hairstyle. Eerie...

Normally I don't mind Reina, but in this PV she really bothers me. Maybe because she's trying to hard to compensate for Riho's lack of screen charisma and personality.

D'awwww. See, UFA? Eripon's still adorable even though you don't give her any lines!


Wait, sorry, I was getting this mixed up with a fun, silly song I actually like.

How many days until I graduate?

Sayu, you're twenty-two, not twelve.

Zukki... why are you so underpromoted?

Poor Aika. Then again, I'll bet she's fine skipping the funky chicken dance.

JUMP! (not the 80s song...)

Sayu is actually surprisingly subdued in this song. Maybe it's her lack of lines or the fact she doesn't like being dressed up like a bird.

Not sure what they're doing here but it looks pretty sweet.

This shot's very whimsical. Too bad we never see it again.

Haruka, what is your definition of "husky"? Because I think you need to look it up again.

Look! They're even packing up to get away from the song!!!

One good thing did come out of this PV: I like Mizuki a lot more than I used to.

Neither one of them looks happy...

Even the younger members are sad they got in just to do this horrid single.

Yes, pour water on Gaki! Maybe she'll melt!

Those wings could take out a car.

Gaki's face here pretty much sums up my face when I saw this PV.

*trying very hard not to make a Portal joke*

Aika: Please say I belong here, Tsunku. PLEASE!

Isn't this that dance move you do at parties when you're trying to be funny?

I just want to hug Gaki for enduring this as leader. But at least she sounds nice in this chorus!

Then Riho comes in and ruins it.

Yay! A group shot! Now we get to see all the members equally!!

Nevermind. I should have figured Reina would whore back the spotlight.

This feels so surreal. I'm not sure why.

It just occurred to me 75% of this dance consists of jumping jacks and funky chickens.

And so the PV ends on a... fluffy note.

Well, you can probably tell by my screencap I like this PV about as much as I like the song. I feel really bad now... I didn't mean to come down so hard on this single. But at the same time this is the only way I've reacted to this PV. I thought I'd like it as time passed by and maybe even the PV would change my mind but no. I guess I just don't like it.

I really do apologize for the negativity. And who knows? Maybe you'll like it! As for me, I'll stick with Kare to Issho ni.

Actually... since I've been so negative and unappealing and not-nice about this song... I think I'll do a positive PV review next! And not even an idol PV! So stay tuned for that!


  1. You had me laughing the whole way with this! XD

    I'm glad I can be an open minded blogger, because I get to read such fun and synical (mwahaha) reviews like this one and still not give a flying **** that people are bashing a group/song that I like xD

    Thank goodness you think Riho sounds boring @.@ In this song, her voice killed my ears XD everytime she sang, my smile left the building, then when she disappeared, it returned until she came back on screen again haha

    1. I was originally going to make this more tactful but halfway through I realized I wasn't getting anywhere so I went crazy and starting bashing XD I really did want to like this song though; but for now I hope Gaki's last single is amazing and flawless and... doesn't involve avian creatures.

      It's so nice to know someone else doesn't enjoy Riho as a front girl; I really, truly didn't like her voice in this PV!