Monday, January 9, 2012

A Preview of AKB's 25th Single

About a week ago AKB's 25 Single was announced and then a preview was released! It's a very short preview but it gives me an idea of how the chorus will sound! And to be honest... I'm stoked. I was already excited enough because the title did not have the word "Sakura" in it (one of my hopes and dreams for 2012 was AKB would break out of their singles formula) and from what I can tell in the little snippet the song is not about cherry blossoms/graudation/stuff we've already seen. In fact, it's completely opposite from Sakura no Ki ni Narou, their last single released in the sakura season. It's peppy, energetic, and not about cherry blossoms. This gives me hope that maybe, just maybe Aki-P will switch up the song formula he's been pulling on us! Like for their next single they could still do a summer song but instead of bikinis... Oo!! They could get stranded on an island!! That would be awesome. Aki-P, if you're somewhere out there, please take this into consideration. Back on topic, I did enjoy what I heard but I'll probably have a more developed opinion when I hear the whole song.

I will say the song is very reminiscent of Heavy Rotation but considering I love that song (but don't care for the awkward PV). It might just only be the chorus but when I heard the first line I thought of I want you... I need you... So yeah, if you're looking for something new then there's probably not going to be much for the title track. As we haven't heard the B-sides for it yet, can't give it a final say but for now I'm actually anticipating this single more than their last! It might not be anything new content-wise but frankly, I'm sick of cherry blossoms. So give me five AKBitches!!

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