Monday, January 23, 2012

Perfume JPN Tour Setlist!

Kashiyka's wearing pants?

Because I am a devoted fan of Perfume, I've been trying to follow how the JPN tour has been going via Perfume City forums but I just wanted to give a brief opinion about the setlist! It came out a few days ago but I've been dragged down to the mountains of West Virginia so I've yet to write about it! I was so happy the setlist did come out considering I can't go to the concert so at least I can imagine how they'll perform each song. I also saw some promos and the outftis they wear and what the concert hall looks like! Here's what the setlist looks like:

M01 The Opening
M02 Laser Beam
M04 Electro World
M05 One Room Disco
M06 Have a Stroll
M07 Toki No Hari
M08 Kasukana Kaori
M09 Spice
-Costume Change (Nakata Song)-
M11 Medley (Secret・Fushizen・Take me・LTW・IslU・575・BcL・Secret)
M12 Polyrhythm
-PTA Corner-
M14 Nee
M15 Jenny Wa Gokigen Naname
M16 Chocolate Disco
E01 Dream Fighter
E02 Kokoro No Sports


- The medley. Because I'm too far away and too broke to attend one of their amazing concerts in Japan I found a reproduction of the medley on Youtube! And I'm impressed at how well done it is; all the songs just effortlessly transition in to the next You've got slow songs like I Still Love U, sensual songs like Take me Take me, hit singles like love the world, and my favorite track from the GAME album! I'll bet it's amazing live!
- FAKE IT is being performed!! It's one of my favorite B-sides and I think this is the first time it's being performed live!
- The new album songs are being performed! I suppose it was given Perfume would have these in the setlist but I'm still really excited to see what they're doing with each new track from JPN.
- Jenny wa Gokigen Naname! I really love it when Perfume sings live since they can't do that a lot since they're a techno group and Jenny is so catchy!!
- A lot of their really good singles are on their including their breakout hit Polyrhythm, the ever-peppy Chocolate Disco, the dance song One Room Disco, the inspirational Dream Fighter... let's face it, 95% of the songs in the setlist are amazing. Then again, I'm biased.


- No Computer City, The Best Thing, Macaroni, or Natural ni Koishite. That's not terribly disappointing but those are still some of my favorite songs by them! I'm most bummed about Computer City because I love that song almost as much as Electro World! But at least Electro World's getting performed and I supposed of the first three major label singles they released that one would be the most fitting for the concert!
- VOICE is being performed. I've said my opinions before about VOICE. I still find it lackluster and think Perfume could have done something much more energetic as a follow-up to Laser Beam. I also don't really enjoy the lives of this song quite as much as others.
- No edge (⊿-mix). I'm not terribly disappointed about this mainly because I'm not sure how they'd top their performance of edge (⊿-mix). Still, I'd like for them to perform it again it's so mind-blowingly amazing to watch!
- I can't see the concert. That's more selfish than critical but I'll have to wait until they release a concert DVD or part of it on Youtube. Still, I think it would be amazing to see a concert live, holding a glowstick and squawking out the lyrics with them!

Overall, I'm very excited about their concert tour! Even though I can't go... but still I always look forward to seeing their concerts even if it's on a DVD or my computer! The only thing I'm a little bummed about is they'll probably just release one single this year, two if we're lucky. But I hope it's a really good single like One Room Disco was! If anyone who reads this does happen to one of their concerts have fun! Becase I'm sure it will be a lot of fun

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