Friday, January 13, 2012

Give Me Five! Senbatsu and... Special Girls?

Okay, Aki-P what are you smoking?

The tracklisting and Senbatsu for AKB's newest single Give Me Five! was just released and I'm a little put off by it. The title track is typical enough; it has all your front girls and the front girls from NMB and SKE. It still doesn't have the flawless Akimoto Sayaka in it. How long is the management going to keep her out of the Senbatsu? We get it; she made a mistake but she's still got a huge fanbase and she's captain of Team K! I think it's just a little unfair that Yukirin and Takamina get to be in Senbatsu but she doesn't because she interacted with an older guy. Sayaka has a great voice and she's one of my favorite member of AKB48 so maybe this is just a fan bitching and moaning but still. I really miss her with all my other favorites. But other than that little nitpick, the Senbatsu's nice enough. My other favorites are in it (Miichan, Takamina, Mayu the Fantastic Creeper, Yuko, all that jazz) and nothing really bothers me about it. By this point I know who the center(s) are going to be (definitely Acchan but hopefully Yuko too? Pretty please?). I really hope they do another double center like for Kaze wa! So yeah, Senbatsu's pretty normal and with the exception of the depressing lack of Sayaka, I'm okay with that.

Then I looked at the Undergirls.

Oh, wait. Did I say Undergirls? Silly me, I mean Special Girls. Oh no, the Undergirls actually include members from AKB and not all the other 48 groups combined. Even JKT48 and they're not even based in Japan! I kind of understand NMB and SKE because they're actually releasing single but HKT48? JKT48? Hell, why don't you just put Nogizaka 46 in there too? I don't know, it just really weirded me out seeing a majority of the Undergirls Special Girls not from the original group. In New Ship only five girls are in AKB! I just think it seems like an attempt to milk more money out of the fans. And that bums me out because for once I thought AKB was doing something not for money. The title and preview still seems promising but Special Girls? Please bring the Undergirls back. And put Sayaka back in the Senbatsu. Preferable next single.

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