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Dream Morning Musume's Shining New PV

I wanted to review this sooner but I couldn't find the PV! Damn UFA and their copyright issues. Luckily I did finally find the PV and got a chance to listen to the song! When I first heard Doriimusu was releasing a single, I was ecstatic. It was nice to know that they were finally going to do something besides sing medleys of old songs and... not much else. Yeah. That was pretty much what they did. But then the news of a single came out! Unfortunately I also found out they'll be disbanding after this song, which really is a waste of talent. But I can understand why; I imagine the members probably want to move on with their lives. They can't stay in that group forever and most of them are occupied with other things like modeling, marriage, singing, etc. They won't always be "those Momosu girls" and I suppose it's time they dropped that image.

But why does their last song have to be so good!? It leaves me wanting more from them even though I know there won't be any more! I think the song suits the group nicely though I might be saying that just because they're not wearing chick costumes. But it does sound very similar to Shouganai Yume Oibito; I could definitely see Emomosu singing this. However, I think it works better for this group because everyone in it is much older! So while the song isn't the most standout single in the world, it's still pretty nice and I hope it'll do well on the charts! Who knows? Maybe it'll even beat Momosu!

But let's move on to the PV with a cohesive storyline!

Gee, I wonder who this is.

Even years later Nacchi still looks and sounds as wonderful as she did in Momosu...

And Miki sounds awesome too!!

Where have I seen this set before?

Oh yeah! It's nice to know UFA still promotes recycling!



I will say those outfits are not very flattering. I'm trying to decide if they shot down lampshades or curtains to make those...

And so our story begins with Rika drowning her sorrows out in alcohol over her boyfriend/client.

Said boyfriend.

I really wish they hadn't made Yuko look so old.

But wait! What's this!?

Lo and behold! In walks said man with Kei and... Koharu!?

In a drunken rage, Rika attempts to go after them but is stopped by Yuko!

Whilst Kaorin looks half-asleep.

However, because Yuko still hasn't gotten married Rika ignores her and pines over her lost love.

More pining. On the bench where Ai sat too!

Then like an angel from the past, Nacchi extends her hand of friendship to Rika along with Kaorin and Yossie!

But still jealous over Nacchi's larger popularity, Rika shoves her away!

Whilst Makoto looks and sings flawlessly.

Yossie, not being the one to take such crap, bitch slaps some sense into Rika!!!

Whilst Kaorin looks stoned.

Yossie, why are you so awesome? Can you teach me to bitch slap people?

I really wish there was more of Kei in thi song :\ It's a shame to waste her voice.

Mari is Mari. I keep expecting her to pop out with a glass of milk and blonde pigtails.

A lot of people have debated about the pointlessness of Ai's cameo. I read in one blog it was a representation of Rika's younger self in the PV.

Hence the reason Rika assimilates into the walk Ai was doing down the runway. Now, filled with new strength Rika can move on from her slime of a boyfriend/client.

I will say, I do not enjoy this huge Rika solo. She couldn't sing then and she can't sing now.

Back to the plot! In an obvious twist the slime returns!

But with her newfound strength, Rika dumps her alcohol on his pitiful gift in a show of DEFIANCE!

She then leaves with her friends to do stuff for single people.

Whilst Yuko prepares to lay the smackdown. And they all lived happily ever after!

So as you can tell, this plot is very, very cheesy. But at least there is a plot! Do you know how rare that is in UFA PVs? The last one I can think of that had a clear, defined plot was MY BOY by Buono! I think it was actually nice they didn't get too detailed in the storyline for this because as an international fan who isn't bilingual, it was easy for me to follow. I will say it's very Rika-centric so if you're not a big fan of her you might have a hard time watching it. But the other members get decent amounts of screen time and there are some shots that are really nice. Even though the plot's cliched and been done in thousands of other PVs, it's still a lot of fun to watch the members finally shine in their old single. I think a lot of the older fans will appreciate this and get that nostalgia feeling newer fans such as myself can't feel. But even if you're not one of the older fans, I'd still check the PV out. Although the acting is... yeah, the plot is a lot of fun and as usual it's a joy to watch Yossie to something badass on screen again!

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