Friday, December 16, 2011

Yasai Sisters UFA Style

So the promo picture for Morning Musume's next single PyokoPyoko Ultra was released. My reaction was... well...

Ummm… duckies?
Quack quack?

It was interesting. On one hand, the concept of a younger, happier Momosu does sound enticing after we saw how they failed miserably as Emomosu. But at the same time... am I the only person who thinks the older members look ridiculously awkward? I mean, Gaki's face is practically screaming "Graduation time Tsunku?" Sayu and Reina are trying their best but even they just look really out of place amongst the adorable, younger members. And Aika... you're still here!? I will give credit where it's due: the Kyukkies and the Jukkies look adorable. Despite the bright costumes, it really suits the younger members, even Haruna (who happens to be my age; now I feel a little less old!).

But that's not the point. Upon seeing these promo outfits, I though of Yasai Sisters. You might remember that as the adorable, cutesy B-side that attempted to balance out the fanservice-laced Heavy Rotation. More importantly, I thought of Acchan. If you've seen this PV, you'll remmeber she dressed up as a moe tomato (tomoeto?). It looked like this:

That's right Acchan. You are a TOMATO. And Takamina is still awesome.

For some reason, I've seemed to attach her outfit with the Momosu outfits. I'm not even that sure why. The color scheme isn't similar and sorry Momosu, but Tomato-chan trumps your Marshmellow Chick costumes. I guess it's the round skirt and beret. Either way I'm actually really looking forward to how this single's going to turn out. Obviously, the song is going to be fun and genki (unless UFA decides to pull a Swan Lake on us) and I'm really hoping I'll be able to hear the Jukkies sing and maybe start caring about them!

Oh, and for the record, the only group that has ever pulled a full-on WTF reaction will be this group:

One point for Berryz!

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