Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Watanabe Mayu to Make a Solo Debut!

Yesterday it was announced that Watanbe Mayu, essentially the face of Team B (sorry Yukirin), would be making her solo debut with Synchro Tokimeki, which sounds interesting. After hearing this, I'm really not sure what to think. I'm pretty divided on Mayuyu making a solo debut or not although I love her personality and creeper smile. If they give her the right sounding single (cutesy and adorable and not difficult to sing) I think she could do well. However... Mayuyu can't sing. Don't get me wrong she's got a great personality and stage presence but when it boils down to singing a solo... she can't sing. Maybe they'll pull a Tomochin and make her sound awesome but I'm still really worried about how she'll sound in her debut. But the title sounds promising (maybe some electropop?) and maybe they'll go in the genki, energetic direction that works so well for her!

Another thing that kinda bothers me: is her debut really necessary? For Acchan and Tomochin it kind of made sense. They're front girls without any other subgroups so naturally they'd be soloists. But Mayuyu's got Mayu ft. 6 random members Warota 7 where she essentially sings half the stuff and usually has a B-side solo and even her own solo PV! This makes me wonder if they're A: dropping Warota 7 itself due to the dwindling sales and just promoting Mayu or B: giving Mayuyu her own debut because she creeper-stared them down. Just kidding, but I seriously do wonder what this means for Warota 7. Obviously, it'll be very stressful for Mayu to keep up with her AKB, Warota 7, and solo activities not to mention all the other TV shows/photobooks/DVDs she's probably doing as well! But considering she is CG Girl I'm sure she'll be able to handle it!

As for now, I'll wait until I hear the song before giving a final verdict on whether or not Mayuyu's debut will triumph or crash and burn.

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