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Let's Have Some Hatsukoi Cider!

The PV for Buono!'s first A-side, Hatsukoi Cider, was released a few days ago. Because I was too lazy Because I was doing very important things, I haven't put together a PV review of it until now. I was actually really surprised the Hatsukoi Cider PV came out before DEEP MIND mainly because it seems like UFA is hyping up the latter to be the more anticipated single. We've heard a radio preview, it's serving as the ending to a movie, and we've known about much longer than Hatsukoi Cider. Then one day, bam! We get a PV despite the fact that we've not even heard the song yet!

As for the song... it's nice. However... I feel like it's kind of missing something. Don't get me wrong, it's LIGHT YEARS better than Natsu Dakara! but every time I listen to it I think "Well, it's no MY BOY but..." or "It's not as good as Renai Rider but..." But I don't think the song is necessarily bad. I suppose Buono!'s had such great singles in the past that I keep comparing their new post-Pony Canyon material to the old stuff. But old singles aside, the song is a pretty safe beat to listen to. It's got a catchy chorus, the sound is uplifting, and the girls always great together. Also, I love the line distribution. After the Airi-hax of Natsu Dakara! I'm glad to see UFA realized that yes, too much of a good thing exists. The lines are split of very evenly and... wait a minute. This song is a Miyabi lead, isn't it!?

Airi's lines: 3
Momoko's lines: 2
Miyabi's lines: 4!

Obviously this makes me very happy being a huge Miyabi fan. Her voice fits perfectly for this song; hell, her voice sounds perfect in general! But I digress... Fangirling aside, let's move on to the PV!

So we open the PV with cardboard cutouts of a city, it's simple but neat however...

It's been done better in Nee.

I love Airi's voice. I really do. But what happened in this first part? I'm all for slow openings building up to a rocking intro but you have to put some effort into it! As much as I loathe Natsu Dakara! at least she sounded better in that!

On a little side note, I am happy Momoko's center. She's short and adorable and balances out the group. This also gives me hope UFA will rotate centers again.

However, if they do make Miyabi center again, they'd better not put her in high-waters and an awkward hat.

As usual, we have the mysterious unnamed band in the background. It's nice but...

I liked it better when Buono! pretended to play instruments.

*gasp* Miyabi's stalker face! O.O

You know, the more I look at the outfits, the more I like them. But only in this PV. I can't imagine how Buono! will look wearing these live...

Can I just say how much I love how cool this effect looks. Again, it's simple but effective!

But Perfume did it first. Why do they keep popping up in this review!?

Aww, Airi looks bored. You no like cool effect???

Miyabi must like like it; she's putting her fedora to good use!

Another simple shot I love. The girls look like they're genuinely having fun in these shots!

I think Miyabi sounded the best in this song. It just seemed to fit her voice really well and she rocked her solos!

Airi is number one!!

Momoko must be number one too. At cuteness, that is.

I really love the shots of them smiling and happy; I think it really shows off the group's chemistry and makes me forget about the Pepto Bismal suits!

Airi's still bored at the cool special effect!? This pose actually looks strangely badass...

Oh, Momoko. How did you get to be so adorable?

Woo hoo for Pepto Bismal suits!!

Momoko: POKE POKE!! Miyabi: Leave me alone!!!

Poor Airi. She wants to be bothered by Momoko.

More cool shots. Something just occurred to me... what would happen if that glass floor broke?

Doki doki!! ^.^

This silhouette is actually pretty cool; but it would look better if it was just of the city.

Miyabi's trying to break the glass and Momoko's enjoying her fail!

And poor Airi is all alone again T_T No love from the Berryz?

I kinda feel the same way about Momoko's dramatic solo as I did Airi's. I think I would have switched Momo's line with Miyabi's in this part.

Miyabi's happy because she got the most solos!

I think this shot's really sweet.

And so Buono! ends it with their signature jump! I love how Momoko's the highest off the ground. Then the PV ends the way it began...

CRAP! Wrong trio...

So how does the PV hold up for someone like me? Well, being the positive person I am, I'll start with what I liked! I love the color contrast in the PV; the black and white/gray background and Buono!'s pink outfits really make the group pop and keep me interested in the PV. I also think UFA made great use of the low budget they obviously had; even though I can tell the budget was a little tight, they worked with what they had. The shots are simple but they're done in such a classy and fun way that it really doesn't matter! Like the shot above the glass floor; there isn't much to it but it's just a neat visual! Same goes for the opening into another opening thing (that's the only way I can describe it). And as usual, Buono!'s great chemistry shows on the screen and the girls seem to act like they're really having a good time doing what they love.

Now... the stuff I didn't like. THE PEPTO BISMAL SUITS. I mean, of all the pinks in the world you went with that shade!? Not only are the outfits a very nausea inducing color, the way they're styled is really awkward. That just goes for Miyabi's and Airi's suits; Momoko's looks fine because thigh socks are awesome by default. However, Miyabi's got the awkward high waters which never look good on anyone and the fedora that hides most of her head! And Airi's trying her best to rock the pants in the boots but even she just looks really out of place. I think if they had tried it with skirts or even uniforms they would look a little bit better. Aside from the wardrobe, the PV doesn't bother me that much but I will say it is cheap. For once, I don't really mind but just to warn you it is very, very cheap.

Now that the first A-side is out, I'm looking forward to DEEP MIND and its mysterious dance shot we've been promised... I hope it comes out soon!

By the way... it just occurred to me this is my first PV review. Fun stuff! Let's hope there's more!

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  1. I read that Momoko will be leaving Buono!, Country Girls and show business in general soon to start a new a kindergarten teacher. WTF?