Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun with the MoBeKiMaSu Sorter!

After finding this lovely (and simple!) sorter via another blog and after slowly and painfully figuring out who the hell was who (kanji is not my strong point) here's what I got!
1.      Nakajima Saki
2.      Fukuda Kanon
3.      Suzuki Airi
4.      Michishige Sayumi
5.      Kumai Yurina
6.      Okai Chisato
7.      Niigaki Risa
8.      Natsuyaki Miyabi
9.      Tanaka Reina
10.  Wada Ayaka
11.  Ikuta Erina
12.  Maeda Yuuka
13.  Tamura Meimi
14.  Iikubo Haruna
15.  Fukumura Mizuki
16.  Yajima Maimi
17.  Shimizu Saki
18.  Suzuki Kanon
19.  Mano Erina
20.  Tokunaga Chinami
21.  Sugaya Risako
22.  Kudo Haruka
23.  Takeuchi Akari
24.  Ishida Ayumi
25.  Sudo Maasa
26.  Sato Masaki
27.  Tsugunaga Momoko
28.  Hagiwara Mai
29.  Katsuta Rina
30.  Nakanishi Kana
31.  Mitsui Aika
32.  Sayashi Riho

The Obvious
I knew from the start Nakky would be at the top! Being one of my favorite members of H!P and my undying bias of cute, I was naturally inclined to lean towards her. Another obvious one is Sayu and her hilarious TV personality I love to hate so much. The flawless entity of talent known as Suzuki Airi is also comfortably resting at number 3! And Miyabi and Reina, my faves, are also in the top 10 but they're surprisingly low... hrm. Outside the top 10 are Yuuka, Erina, and Meimi, three of my favorites (Meimi's rapidly growing on me) Overall, the top 16 don't pull out too many surprises but a few positions did shock me.
On the other end of the list (let's just call one side Love Scale and the other Hate Scale to make it simple) at the very bottom is Riwhore and Baggage-chan. When I say Riwhore I mean in terms of spotlight. I think you can tell what I mean with Baggage-chan. Those two have been bothering me as of late so of course they're at the bottom along with those two S/mileage members I will never care about. Also Mai, who I just don't care about, and a good number of new members. I kind of figured they'd be lower considering I don't know them as well hence I don't gravitate towards them.

The Not-so-obvious

On the Love Scale, the positions of Miyabi and Reina! They're two of my absolute favorites of H!P and they're pretty low in the top 10. I would think they'd place a bit higher! Chissa and Gaki rank above them and although I like those two Miya and Reina are awesome! It just strikes me as odd. Also, I'm surprised to see Mizuki ranked so high considering I really don't care about her. Let's be honest, the only Kyukkies I remotely care about are Eripon and Kanon. The end.

On the Hate Scale, I'm surprised to see Risako at 21! I mean, she's not my favorite member of Berryz but being the face and all I don't hate her! I actually like her somedays (depending on my mood). Also, what's up with Kanon being so low!? Maybe I mixed her kanji up with Mizuki's...

The What-The-Hell-Was-I-Smoking

First of all, Kanon. Not the cacophonic Kyukkie, the best voice in S/mileage (I don't count Yuuka considering she's near to gone). I mean, I do like her, being my favorite member of S/mileage and all, but to be honest, she's not my uber-favorite. I guess I'm just wondering how she ranked so high... maybe it's a subconscious thought, yes? Yurina and Dawa also surprised me considering I never want to meet Yurina in real life as she probably wouldn't see me and step on me and I'm American so why should I like Dawa!? (Yes, Dawa, you're never living that down) Also, what the hell is Haruna doing so high up? I'm at a point where I can barely match the Juukies names with their faces (maybe I'll care when PyokoPyokoUltra comes out?) so I'm trying to figure out why she ranked so high. To be honest, she just reminds me of an AKB research student (do not ask me why, I have no idea).

On the hate side... Momoko!? What are you doing so far down!? I didn't mean that in a height sense but I like Momoko! Sure, sometimes her voice and/or personality gets annoying but overall I like the energy she brings to Berryz. Come back up, Momo!!! To be honest... that's the only member I'm baffled at being so far down. The others I either don't like or can't care about. Yet.

So there you have it! I have to admit, it was actually very hard choosing between some of the pictures. Especially when I got two members I didn't like... I had to rack my brain to choose.

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