Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Crack Theory about S/mileage

It's just dawned upon me that Yuuka's graduating in four days. It makes me sad. The initial news was shocking enough especially after Saki's graduation just a few months/weeks before. However... in hindsight I think I saw it coming. Did I expect it? No, but I hadn't ruled that out as a possibility. In every video regarding the 2nd Generation S/mileage with the original members in it, I noticed how devstated Yuuka looked. I think her face pretty summed up the reaction most of the fans had too:

Tsunku you sneaky little-
 Doesn't look like a happy camper to me. It looks like she swallowed a lightbulb and then had to smile and tell Tsunku it tasted good. However, obviously Yuuka's one of if not the most popular member of S/mileage. Her loss to the group is like the loss of Ai to Momosu. Can they carry on? Yes, but it's going to be quite the uphill battle. Yuuka not only has a pretty good voice (personally I prefer Kanon) but she also had looks and a charming personality, what every popular idol seems to have (except Riho).

Now you might be wondering why I'm talking about all this now. Well, it's partially because this blog wasn't around for me to say anything about it when the new first came out. I like putting my two cents into things but that's not the main reason. No, this involves the youngest new addition to S/mileage, Tamura Meimi, aka the Watanabe Mayu of S/mileage. Why? Because they both sound the same, both are equally adorable to me, and both of them have the best creeper smiles in Japanese idol groups.

I'm watching you, Acchan.
 A few days ago, the covers for S/mileage's new single, and their first one with Yuuka, were released. It was then that Meimi was officially established as a front girl in the new S/mileage next to Kanon and Dawa and possibly Akari. But do you know who I thought was on the cover first?


So I can't help but wonder: are they grooming Meimi to be the new Yuuka? In other words, are they looking for Meimi to be the new "face" of S/mileage? And in doing so does UFA think that if they construct her to be like Yuuka then they'll have the same success with the group as they did with Yuuka? And although Meimi is cute as a button does she really have what it takes? Because although she has great charisma and dances very well she's on par with Watanabe Mayu in terms of vocals. Or am I just overthinking this whole thing? After all, I'm just basing this off the way she looks on a single cover. Probably, but it does make me wonder how the new S/mileage is going to be. I'm 95% certain they'll stick with the genki, cute direction that works so well for them but how far will they take it? I'm also pretty positive that Rina and Kana have no chance of ever making it to the front judging how UFA prefers to distribute lines/screen time. I will say the covers to this new song look promising but I can't make any assumptions yet, only wild and crazy ideas that Meimi the Creeper is seamlessly filling in Yuuka's spot!

Well, there's my crack theory! Now to make things even more random, in personal news I got a Russian hat for Christmas! So to celebrate such a triumph I did the only reasonable thing to do: take pictures attempting to look Russian!!

Do I succeed in doing so? Well... let's not talk about that >.< But having such a wonderous hat makes me a happy camper for the rest of my vacation!

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